All India Karate Technical Seminar was organised by KEN BU KAI SHITO RYU held on 20th& 21st July 2016. The following students participated and honoured with certificates.Vaishnavi C H of class V A, S.Bharathwajof class V B, Kunal Kumar Antilof class V F, NityaSuhas C H...Read more

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7thJULY 2016,

District level Yoga competition was organized by JGRV, Kalyan Nagar on 7th July 2016. The following children from our school won the prizes; Sub Junior Category:   AMAN.S.VARMA, HARSHITH M BHONSLE of class VD,...Read more

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16th JULY 2016,

District level Throw Ball & Volley Ball competition was organized by RVK-BSK on 16th July 2016. The following categories won the 1st place also qualified to participate in the state level competition.

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